Urban Mobility

In 2016, the Alliance launched a programme on urban mobility, looking in particular at the changing interrelationship between hardware – physical infrastructure, and software – the digital technologies that help manage demand, sweat existing infrastructure assets and improve intermodal connectivity.

The Alliance worked closely on this initiative with its Partners Arcadis, Macquarie and Mastercard, London First, and several strategic partners undertaking work on urban mobility, including C40, ICLEI, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU).

The first phase of this project focused on identifying a set of global case studies demonstrating good practice – projects where businesses and cities have worked in partnership and developed innovative solutions to improve urban mobility.

Whilst this project has been put on hold, any cities, businesses or other urban stakeholders interested in sharing good practice with or learning from London, are welcome to contact David Leam, Executive Director – Infrastructure, at London First on dleam@londonfirst.co.uk.